New Trailer For Terence Davies’ ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ Starring Rachel Weisz & Tom Hiddleston

This writer is a bit baffled as to why Terence Davies‘ “The Deep Blue Sea” didn’t get more buzz on the festival circuit last year. An auteur behind the camera, with a pretty starry cast in front of it led by Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston it seemed like a no brainer, but it never really gained true momentum. Perhaps it was the deliberate pacing (some would argue “slow” but they’d be missing the point), or the distinctly stylized look that put people off but the film is sumptuous, and it’s arriving in theaters soon.

A brand new trailer for the film has landed, offering a generous tease of the film Davies has put together. The story centers on the young Hester (Weisz) whose marriage to the well-to-do and much older William (Simon Russell Beale) is crumbling. To that end, she engages in a searing, passionate affair with WWII

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