Michelle Williams’ daughter helped her pick Oscar gown

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HollywoodNews.com: Michelle Williams’ Oscar gown has received a lot of positive attention, and it sounds like she partly has her young daughter to thank.

Williams recently revealed that her daughter, Matilda, did play a role in choosing the dress she wore for the big awards night, states Celeb Baby Laundry. “I picked that dress because Matilda loves the color. She loves clothes and picks out her own clothes every morning,” Williams revealed.


Cannes Film Festival: Marilyn Monroe Poster Debuts For 65th Anniversary

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Keeping in line with their affinity for beautiful blondes of yore, Cannes has released its poster for its 2012 festival featuring the most beautiful blonde: Marilyn Monroe. Thanks to “My Week With Marilyn,” “Smash” and, ahem, Lindsay Lohan, Miss Monroe has retained her cultural relevance like no one else. But Cannes’ 65th anniversary hits a slightly more macabre note than perhaps Michelle Williams doing the “Heat Wave” — this year marks the 50th anniversary of Monroe’s death. According to Cannes’ press release, the poster was to pay homage to the eternal screen goddess. “The Festival is a temple of glamour and Marilyn is its perfect incarnation. Their coming together symbolizes the ideal of simplicity and elegance.” The 2012 Cannes Film Festival will take place from May 16 – 27.

Ryan Murphy to direct One Hit Wonders

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Co-creator of T.V. show Glee, and director of Eat Pray Love, Ryan Murphy has signed on to write and direct One Hit Wonders, a musical about three washed up 90’s pop stars who, today, decide to form a super group to get back into the spotlight. It has an impressive cast with Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Andy Samberg, Reece Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow all attached to star. Samberg’s band The Lonely Island, who gave us such classics as I’m On A Boat and The Tale Of Captain Jack Sparrow, are said to be providing musical content for the film.

Lindsay Lohan: I’m Going Through the Process of Proving Myself


lohanLindsay Lohan is determined to prove she’s gotten her life back on track. Before she hosts Saturday Night Live this week, she sat down with Today’s Matt Lauer,  and spoke candidly about wanting to show everyone she can be trusted again. “I think that takes time,” Lohan said during an interview that will air on Thursday’s show.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé & Andy Samberg To Star In The Musical ‘One Hit Wonders’

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It’s hard to believe that up until now, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy hasn’t tried to bring his musical success to the big screen. Instead, he went traveling around the world with Julia Roberts (who wouldn’t?!) in “Eat Pray Love,” and is developing the AIDS drama “The Normal Heart.” But it seems he hasn’t left big, gaudy numbers behind as he’s gearing up a star-studded musical to destroy your ears. 

Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé and Andy Samberg will star in “One Hit Wonders,” with the project already finding a home at Sony. Conceived over a dinner between Murphy, Paltrow, Witherspoon and Diaz, the story will find the three ladies playing singers who each had a big hit in the 1990s, before they fizzled out. They then decide to form a super group. No word on Beyoncé‘s role or Samberg’s, but the latter will work with his Lonely

Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster Circle Peter Berg’s ‘Lone Survivor;’ Emmett/Furla Financing For Universal

Exclusive: Emmett/Furla Films is coming aboard to finance Lone Survivor, and director Peter Berg is in talks with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster to play three of the four lead Navy SEALs. Universal Pictures, which developed the movie, will distribute. An adaptation of the book by Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor tells the harrowing story of how Luttrell and his Navy Seal team members fought to stay alive after being ambushed in Afghanistan in 2005 by Taliban forces during a covert mission in the Hindu Kush mountain region, where the team went to kill a terrorist leader. Wahlberg will play Luttrell in Berg’s followup to Battleship, which stars Kitsch. Berg and Universal first began developing the project at Universal when the filmmaker signed on for Battleship. At the time, movies with sand in them and war weren’t working, but the opening-weekend grosses of Act Of Valor.

Lea Seydoux To Star In Lesbian Romantic Drama ‘Blue Is A Hot Color’

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In recent years, rising French thespian Lea Seydoux has intermittently been crossing the Atlantic for Hollywood film roles, making appearances in “Inglourious Basterds,”Robin Hood,” “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “Midnight In Paris.” And while those films have only seen her play smaller supporting or cameo roles, it’s certainly brought attention to many of her films back in Europe including recent Berlin-opener “Farewell, My Queen” opposite Diane Kruger.

On the back of all that success, Seydoux has now joined Abdellatif Kechiche‘s “Blue Is A Hot Color,” an adaptation of Julie Maroh’s relationship-drama graphic novel “Blue” which will see her star opposite fellow up-and-comer Adèle Exarchopoulos for the story of a teenage girl who unexpectedly falls in love with another woman and faces her parents’ and friends’ judgment.