Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Directorial Debut Now Known As ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’; ‘The Wettest County’ & ‘He Loves Me’ To Be Retitled

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There are certainly some pretty horrible film titles that get churned out on a regular basis, and while they probably mean little in the grand scheme of things, naming a movie is still something Hollywood takes very seriously. On that note, it looks like a trio of highly anticipated films have had their titles put under the microscope recently, with two now set for changes and one gaining its first name.

For starters, Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s first attempt at simultaneously starring, writing and directing a feature — a project long in the works considering his ventures on website hitRECord — has been given a title, or at the very least now has a working title to go by. The film seems to be going by “Don Jon’s Addiction,” as recently reported by THR and detailed on the Voltage Pictures website. The title is of course a play on Don Juan, »

– Simon Dang

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