Robert Pattinson Looks Sexy Shopping In New York City — Getting Kristen Stewart A Gift?

Kristen Stewart attending the Twilight Saga Fi...

Image via Wikipedia

While Kristen Stewart hit the town in Paris, Rob has been roaming the streets in search of sales! spoke Exclusively with some sources at the vintage clothing store he visited for some answers! Robert Pattinson is keeping busy while his girl Kristen Stewart is away in Paris — he’s shopping until he drops! And we bet it has to do with her birthday coming right up! Rob, 25, was spotted on the Lower East Side in New York City on March 1, and we couldn’t tell what he was buying. But call us romantics — we’re thinking he was getting a gift for K-Stew, the love of his life! spoke Exclusively with one of the sales clerks at vintage clothing store Assembly. She told us that Rob was there for about an hour alone, without an entourage. He bought men’s clothes, such as collared shirts and backpacks.

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