The Best & Worst Moments Of The 84th Academy Awards

English: Eddie Murphy at Tribeca Film Festival...

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How’s your Oscar hangover? We’ve all got the prosecco sweats in the Playlist offices this morning, but that’s about the norm for a Monday. Or a Tuesday. Or a Thursday. Anyway, the dust is settling post-Oscars, with the winners basking in their glory, and the losers digging through their script pile to find a disabled Holocaust survivor to play to give them another chance at the big prize.

But the question is: how was the ceremony? After one of the very worst last year, and the controversy after Brett Ratner was forced out (with original host Eddie Murphy following soon after), they were always likely to go for a safe year, and that’s exactly what we got: a dull ceremony that could have come from pretty much any time in history. It wasn’t the worst of ceremonies — there were quite a few good little moments, but there were also plenty of lowlights. »

– Oliver Lyttelton

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