Titanic drama will be Downton-on-Sea

Julian Fellowes‘ four-part mini-series looks at the intertwined fates of the different classes on board the doomed ocean liner

In pictures: ITV1’s the Titanic

It has upper-class ladies aghast at the behaviour of commoners, sweet-natured maids swooning at footmen, and opulent interiors realised in lavish detail. But the new ITV drama from Julian Fellowes takes place far from the rolling countryside of Downton Abbey.

In Titanic, a four-part mini-series commemorating the centenary of the marine disaster, sees Fellowes return once more to the issue of class as he tells the stories of first, second and steerage-class passengers thrown together on board the ship.

And with the servants dining together and the first-class passengers eyeing each other suspiciously across teacups, proceedings have more than a touch of Downton-on-Sea.

The first episode of Downton Abbey opened with the news of the Titanicsinking, and both share a penchant for following interwoven characters.

Fellowes' Multi-Stylus

Fellowes' Multi-Stylus (Photo credit: TahoeSunsets)

– Vicky Frost

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