Giovanni Ribisi Says Josh Brolin Is A “Berserker” In ‘Gangster Squad’; Reveals In The Works Skateboarding Documentary


English: Giovanni Ribisi at a ceremony for Jam...

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Giovanni Ribisi‘s been playing a string of less-than-savory guys in his films of late — the corporate shill Selfridge in “Avatar,” the Hitler-loving drunk Moburg in “The Rum Diary,” and the violent drug-smuggler Briggs in this week’s “Contraband.” So is it any wonder that Ribisi would want to explore a few characters who aren’t quite dirtbags? “You can argue the morality of anything and anyone,” Ribisi told The Playlist. “That’s why lawyers are so successful in the U.S.” One of the films Ribisi has just wrapped is the much-anticipated “Gangster Squad,” in which he plays wiretapper Conway Keeler, who is recruited by Ryan Gosling‘s Jerry Wooters and Josh Brolin‘s John O’Mara, to listen in on the conversations of a mobster in order to track the wire bets being placed through him. “He’s eavesdropping, but he’s doing it to the bad guys,” Ribisi said. “That’s his »

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