Whoopi Goldberg (the most recent winner) becam...

Whoopi Goldberg (the most recent winner) became the tenth winner, first winner to win two of their awards in the same year, and first African American winner in 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fox’s Glee is adding another Oscar winner to its ranks. The View co-host — and Academy Award winning actress — Whoopi Goldberg has booked a multiepisode role on the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk musical dramedy, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. As first reported by TV Line, Goldberg will play Carmen Tibideaux, a theater veteran and professor at the New York school that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) have both applied See more


‘Downton Abbey’ Creator Julian Fellowes Writing Adaptation of ‘Gypsy’

Cover of "Gypsy"

Cover of Gypsy

Universal has hired Oscar-winning scribe and Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to write the adaptation of Gypsy. Barbra Streisand and Joel Silver (making his first foray into Broadway movie musicals) are producing the feature project, which is an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents’ Tony Award winning musical. The play and movie is based on the memoir by Gypsy Rose Lee, a burlesque dancer, and the relationship with her mother, Momma See more »

25 Potential 2013 Best Picture Oscar Contenders

Academy Awards

Academy Awards (Photo credit: TinyGlimpses)

I haven’t yet gotten around to cleaning up “The Contenders” section of the site just yet and while some may argue it’s too early to look toward the 2013 Oscars considering we just closed the book on the 2012 Oscar ceremony I have to kindly disagree. If for no other reason, looking at films that might be vying for Best Picture next year we get to sort through a bunch of films that may end up being considered the year’s best. What’s wrong with that? Granted, as is often the case when looking this far into the future, several of these films may end up being duds. Some may not actually hit theaters in 2012 (though most do have established release dates) and others just might not fit the Academy’s “taste”. The biggest difficulty in compiling a list like this, however, is to try and not make it too long and still manage to not forget anything. »

The Best & Worst Moments Of The 84th Academy Awards

English: Eddie Murphy at Tribeca Film Festival...

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How’s your Oscar hangover? We’ve all got the prosecco sweats in the Playlist offices this morning, but that’s about the norm for a Monday. Or a Tuesday. Or a Thursday. Anyway, the dust is settling post-Oscars, with the winners basking in their glory, and the losers digging through their script pile to find a disabled Holocaust survivor to play to give them another chance at the big prize.

But the question is: how was the ceremony? After one of the very worst last year, and the controversy after Brett Ratner was forced out (with original host Eddie Murphy following soon after), they were always likely to go for a safe year, and that’s exactly what we got: a dull ceremony that could have come from pretty much any time in history. It wasn’t the worst of ceremonies — there were quite a few good little moments, but there were also plenty of lowlights. »

– Oliver Lyttelton

Robert Pattinson Looks Sexy Shopping In New York City — Getting Kristen Stewart A Gift?

Kristen Stewart attending the Twilight Saga Fi...

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While Kristen Stewart hit the town in Paris, Rob has been roaming the streets in search of sales! HollywoodLife.com spoke Exclusively with some sources at the vintage clothing store he visited for some answers! Robert Pattinson is keeping busy while his girl Kristen Stewart is away in Paris — he’s shopping until he drops! And we bet it has to do with her birthday coming right up! Rob, 25, was spotted on the Lower East Side in New York City on March 1, and we couldn’t tell what he was buying. But call us romantics — we’re thinking he was getting a gift for K-Stew, the love of his life! HollywoodLife.com spoke Exclusively with one of the sales clerks at vintage clothing store Assembly. She told us that Rob was there for about an hour alone, without an entourage. He bought men’s clothes, such as collared shirts and backpacks.

Heath Ledger on the Set of The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as the JokerHere’s a collection of never before seen photos of Heath Ledger as the Joker on the set of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. The images come from make-up artist John Caglione Jr. One of the photos (pictured above) comes from the last day Ledger was on the set. 

I don’t think Ledger’s Joker will ever be topped. What he did with this iconic villain was incredible, and as you know, it won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He took this character to a terrifying level of insanity.

Check out the behind the scenes images below and tell us what you think. I’m sure that one day we’ll see the Joker up on the big screen again being played by another actor. If that does happen, who do you think could actually pull it off? Do you think that there’s an actor that could do a better job? »

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Oscar Weekend: Pda-fest or Totally Not?


robsten (Photo credit: saffirahweb)

Now, we couldn’t be more thrilled that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did indeed attend the a pre-Oscars party together Friday, the Wme bash in Brentwood (check out the photo of the duo secretly dipping out). But we’re fairly suspicious of the Pda-fueled reports. Quite affectionate? No shortage of Pda?! Hardly sounds like the Robsten we know and adore. So what really went down at the private, star-studded soiree? Not quite as much Robsten action as everyone would like to think: “They were just being their usual low-key, chill selves,” confirms a source, who hung with our fave couple at the party. Now that sounds more like your standard Rob and Kris.